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Visitors to a zoo in Rostov tossed so much crap at a bison that it literally died from overfeeding

Visitors to a zoo in Rostov have killed an adult bison by overfeeding it human foods, according to the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda

The bison, known at the zoo as “Ant,” was one of a pair. Zoo officials say they'd hoped the two would soon reproduce. 

Despite signs throughout the zoo warning against feeding the animals, visitors proceeded to throw the bison whatever edibles they brought with them. An autopsy of the animal revealed that he'd consumed several flour-based foods, such as bread and cake. City officials told reporters that the bison had eaten several dozen pounds of human foods, including potato chips, fruits, vegetables, and even chewing gum. Staff at the zoo say this additional food wasn't just too much (animals already receive balanced diets at the zoo), but was downright toxic. 

Following the death of “Ant,” zoo officials in Rostov say they will consult with lawyers to determine the possibility of fining visitors who violate the facility's feeding rules. The zoo also says it hopes to find a replacement bison.

Photo on front page: Michelle Bender / Flickr / CC 2.0

Bison are herbivores and eat simple foods (mostly grass). They will also eat as much food as is put before them, making them vulnerable to overeating in captivity. 

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