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Russian daytime TV show host teaches viewers how to dress for a plane crash

Source: TJournal

In a recent episode of her show “Healthy Living” (which airs on national television), therapist/teacher/doctor/professor Elena Malysheva advised viewers on how best to dress for a plane crash, to improve the odds of survival.

On her program, Malysheva set fire to four different fabrics, discovering that cotton and synthetic materials burn the quickest, leading her to recommend wearing only wool and silk on planes, “so you at least have a chance of surviving.”

Malysheva also told her audience to avoid eating before flying—especially fermented-milk products and foods with coarse fiber, which she warns can cause “swelling.” If a person consumes such foods before flying, sudden turbulence or a strong tug on a passenger's seat belt could “rupture a person's internal organs,” she explained.

Elena Malysheva explains how to dress, so you burn more slowly in a plane crash.
Egor Krasotin
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