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like it or not

Saratov's governor thinks his region has the ‘brains’ and refrigerator skills to manufacture the next iPhone

Photo: Artyom Korotayev / TASS / Scanpix

Valery Radayev, the governor of Saratov, has some big ideas for SEPO, the Saratov Electrounit Production Corporation. You might know SEPO for its indestructible refrigerators, which it's been pumping out since 1939, when it was founded in the Soviet Union to show the world's capitalist pigdogs that communism could produce consumer comforts, too. SEPO also made a name for itself manufacturing aircraft engines and automobile components. 

Today, Governor Radayev says it's high time that SEPO take its talent for making long-lasting refrigerators (which he claims can function for 35 years, on average, compared to European brands that break “after 7-8 years”) and use it to manufacture Apple's next iPhone.

Responding to the governor's bold suggestion, SEPO's head, Evgeny Reznik, pointed out that Saratov lacks the resources necessary to acquire the licenses needed to manufacture such smartphones. (Currently, several factories in China are responsible for processing Apple's iPhone orders.)

Radayev was unfazed by Reznik's lack of faith, declaring, “We have all we need. Are you saying we don't have the brains [here in Saratov]?” he asked in turn. When Reznik confirmed that Saratov is rich in brains, the governor suggested that he consider his proposal and “work it out.” Radayev also shared some impressions from his recent trip to Africa, where he said he noticed SEPO's products in demand. 

“They've got the ‘Saratov’ refrigerator over there, and I want to tell you that it is indeed competing with the global brands. Are we not leaders?” the governor said triumphantly.