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Man dies from drinking too much vodka, revives and goes to drink more vodka

Source: Meduza
Photo: Kuba Bożanowski / Flickr / CC 2.0

After a long night of drinking with friends earlier this week, a man in Vladivostok reportedly collapsed. Paramedics were summoned, and the man was pronounced dead and delivered to the local morgue. 

According to the news agency Primorye24, citing the local newspaper Khasanskie Vesti, the story continued at the morgue, where a staff member says she was taken by surprise when she later heard a knocking sound from inside the refrigerator used to store dead bodies. When the doors to the cooler opened, the previously unconscious man stepped forward, now awake and back from the dead. 

According to the morgue's staff, the facility was filled to capacity that night, and bodies were not just in their proper shelves, but also on the floor. That's where our hero awoke from his drunken stupor. He told reporters that he didn't understand where he was at first.

After warming up and answering a few questions from officials, the man was released. Instead of returning home, however, he went back to his friends to resume drinking. When he reappeared to rejoin his friends, one of them reportedly fainted.

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