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Now even the blind can experience the majesty of Vladimir Putin's portrait

Photo: Krasnoyarsk Special Library / VKontakte

At a library in Krasnoyarsk, as part of Russia's "Night of Art" nationwide event, the facility's curators have displayed a volumetric image of Vladimir Putin. The installation includes a conventional portrait, over which is superimposed a transparent 3D plastic model of the President's face.

A volumetric portrait of Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, adapted for accessibility to the blind and the visually impaired, is on display for the new "Night of Art" season.
Krasnoyarsk Special Library

The portrait is reportedly adapted into 3D to make it accessible to the blind and visually impaired. In April 2015, a similar portrait of Putin (or perhaps the very same image) went on display at the "Integration, Life, and Society" exhibition, where Duma deputy Sergei Mironov was on hand to lay his hand on Putin's embossed face.

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