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Russian TV weather report says Moscow's airstrikes in Syria are marvelously timed ‘from a meteorological perspective’

Source: Vesti
Screen capture: Rossiya 24

The television news station Rossiya 24 recently aired a report about the weather in Syria. Giving the forecast, the show's reporter observed that, from a meteorological point of view, Russia chose an excellent time to begin bombing Syria. She noted that the wind speed in Syria in October is relatively low, it only rains about once every ten days, and temperatures rarely rise above 35º Celsius (95º Fahrenheit), when it becomes difficult to conduct airstrikes, she says.

The weather forecast for Russia's airstrikes in Syria
Sta Vro

In early 2015, Rossiya 24 aired a similarly odd report about the weather forecast in Debaltseve, where intense fighting between Ukrainian troops and separatists was underway at the time.

Rossiya 24: the weather in Debaltseve
Taras Bulba

The Russian Air Force's operation in Syria continues. Experts point out that the timing of this campaign is extremely opportune, from a meteorological perspective.