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like it or not

A 103-year-old woman voted for United Russia earlier this September. Amazingly, she died in June.


Officials in Chelyabinsk are in hot water this week, following revelations that a town boasted about a 103-year-old resident voting in elections earlier this month, despite the fact that the woman in question died in June. 

On September 16, 2015, following nationwide voting on September 13, officials in the Troitsk municipal government published a press release, titled "Country Folk Voted for [Andrei] Samsonov and United Russia," claiming that 13,223 locals turned out to elect a deputy to the Chelyabinsk legislative assembly. 

One of the people who supposedly voted on September 13 was 103-year-old Sharban Urazovoi. Sadly, it turns out that Urazovoi passed away earlier this summer on June 20. 

Speaking to the news website, Vladimir Tsarelungo, an activist who failed to win a seat in the Chelyabinsk legislative assembly, said Troitsk officials also misspelled Urazovoi's surname (mistakenly writing "Urazaevoi"). Tsarelungo worries that more deceased voters may have mysteriously cast votes in support of United Russia, and he vows to file a complaint with the district attorney. 

Officials have already removed the information about and photograph of Urazovoi from Troitsk's government website. An archived copy of the site showing Urazovoi is still available in Google's cache, however.
Screen captures: (left) "Country Folk Voted for [Andrei] Samsonov and United Russia" as archived on September 16, and (right) the same article as it appears today.