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Before he crossed the finish line, police briefly stopped the man who won Sunday's Moscow Marathon

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti / Scanpix

Moscow held its annual marathon this Sunday, September 20, attracting thousands of participants. Some took on a full marathon (42.2 kilometers), while others took part in a 10-kilometer race.

Russian runner Rinas Akhmadeev won the 10-kilometer race for the second year in a row. After finishing first, he told the television station Moskva-24 that Moscow police at one point near the end of the race stopped him and prevented him from running any farther.

"About 500 meters [short of the finish line], police officers stopped me for about 20 seconds. I didn't understand what was happening," Akhmadeev recalled, saying the authorities never explained the delay. "You can't go any farther," police reportedly told him, before quickly letting him pass.

The moment of the alleged delay was caught on video in the eighth minute of a report by Moskva-24 (in the top-right of the screen). 

Akhmadeev finished the 10-kilometer race in 29 minutes and 45 seconds. Kenyan runner Kipti Lazarus Kimutai won the 42-kilometer race with a time of 2 hours, 19 minutes, and 35 seconds.

Organizers of the Moscow Marathon told Govorit Moskva radio station that they've received no formal complaints, and Moscow's police department is unaware of any such information.

Govorit Moskva
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