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like it or not

There's now a Russian video game where you can save Western food imports from destruction

Source: Feed Russia!

Commissioned by the news aggregator Rus2Web, the Web studio Lamarck has released an online game where players must try to save banned Western food imports from being destroyed. "Feed Russia!" is a clone of another computer game called "Just You Wait!" where a wolf tries to catch falling eggs. In "Feed Russia!" however, the wolf is replaced by a sad-looking hipster, who must catch cheeses, meat, and fruits, instead of eggs.


To play the game, simply use the E, F, J, and I keys on your keyboard to catch food at the top-left, bottom-left, top-right, and bottom-right.

Incidentally, Russian developers for the Android mobile platform recently released a game with the opposite purpose. Called "Anti-Sanctions: Burn the Import!" players must incinerate boycotted Western foods, using their fingertips.