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Almost natural: Russian Internet users mock the anti-LGBT 'traditional family' flag

Source: Meduza
Photo: Anton Denisov / RIA Novosti / Scanpix

On July 8, the country’s leading political party, United Russia, presented its response to the LGBT rainbow flag: the “flag of naturals,” which features the silhouette of heterosexual family of five. As it turns out, the logo was borrowed and slightly adapted from the French political movement La Manif Pour Tous (“The Protest for Everyone”).

Moscow members of United Russia have presented their flag for heterosexuals. But because they’re from United Russia, they of course by habit stole it.

Representatives of United Russia say they took the flag’s image with the permission of La Manif Pour Tous, though members of the French movement deny this and say they learned about the Russian adaptation in the news.

If United Russia ends up abandoning its “flag of naturals” over concerns about intellectual property, Russian Internet users have made it easy to find another design. Online, dozens of alternative “#RealFamily” flags have appeared in a mass wave of satire. Meduza presents some of the most inventive suggestions. 

The #RealFamily "flag of naturals" should look like this.
[This tweet mocks United Russia's pro-family promotions. The cartoon of the small house in this image is an orphanage.]
[A Doctor-Who-inspired adaptation.]
"I couldn't resist."