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On ‘Youth Day,’ Russian teens scored points by kicking Barack Obama in the face

Screen capture: seonevolna / YouTube

The Russian town of Bratsk, not far from Irkutsk, observed national Youth Day last weekend, challenging local teens to high-kick a cardboard cutout of US President Barack Obama. Attackers able to reach the ears of the 44th President of the United States scored “five points.” Kicking above Obama’s heart netted a mere four points, and so on. Organizers called the game “Hitting Back Against the Sanctions.”

According to video footage, at least one young man eager to deliver his foot to Obama’s head ended up on on his back himself, leading to a whoop of laughter from the audience.

"Hitting Back Against the Sanctions" on Youth Day in Bratsk, Russia.

Bratsk locals have a long list of grievances for which they might seek revenge against Obama. For instance, the price of coffee has shot up, though vodka and cucumbers have become cheaper. A strange brown foam has appeared in a nearby lake, and instances of drunk driving on the weekends were more than usual last month. Most worryingly of all, from the perspective of US foreign policy in Russia, Bratsk city officials say they lack the necessary funds to repair the town’s potholes.

Remember that locals in Bratsk celebrated Youth Day on June 27 in the town’s center. The main event was a gaming area, which featured several interactive challenges. It’s unknown if the “Kick Obama” stand was one of these games.

Gorod (Bratsk)
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