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Man possessed by the Devil is saddled by a priest in this strange Transnistrian exorcism

Source: TJournal
Image: ReptiloidTV / YouTube

An exorcism has taken place at a Moldovan Orthodox church in Transnistria, and a witness captured the entire spectacle in living color. In the video, a priest literally rides a man said to be “possessed,” and later stomps on his back. Throughout the ritual, the man screams out in pain and begs for help, as a crowd of spectators crack jokes. The “possessed” man asks to carry the priest in his arms, rather than on his back, but the request is denied.

Warning: this video contains obscenities (in Russian) and is generally rather upsetting. Viewers are advised to go watch something about kittens and yarn, if they fear they might become possessed themselves by viewing monstrosities such as this.

Meanwhile in Transnistria...

On its official website, the Moldovan Orthodox Church denounced such practices, saying the rite of exorcism is not conducted this way. The correct way to administer an exorcism, the Church says, requires a specially trained priest and a detailed study of the “possessed” individual in need of help. Church officials have promised to investigate this new scandal in an ecclesiastical court. 

Father Valery is well-known for his efforts to rid people of alcoholism, other drug addictions, witchcraft, and cancer with prayer, holy water, various ointments.

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