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‘Beast people,’ feminists, and aliens A new legal paper draws from an impressive array of conspiracy theories to explain Russia’s problems

Source: Meduza
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In mid-December, the St. Petersburg academic journal Legal Science: History and Modernity published an article titled “The Russian Family as the Basis of Russian Statehood” (it’s since been deleted from the publication’s site). The bizarre text, which appears to have been written in complete earnest, combines a wide array of outlandish conspiracy theories. Its authors include Mikhail Salnikov, a chief researcher at the St. Petersburg Law Institute; State Duma Deputy Igor Ananskikh; and retired FSB Lieutenant-General Ivan Mironov, among other figures with impressive titles. The news outlet Bumaga compiled a list of the paper’s main claims, which involve “beast people,” a “genocide” against Russians, feminists who worship the demoness Lilith, telegony, and the transmission of throat cancer through oral sex. With Bumaga’s permission, Meduza has translated the list into English.

  • Although Russia is a multiethnic country, it was Russians who brought all of the country’s various ethnic groups “under their wing” and carried people from the Caucasus and Central Asia on their shoulders — until the collapse of the USSR, when these people orchestrated a “genocide” against Russians.
  • Russians, unlike other “tribes,” have stopped “procreating and multiplying.” On one hand, this is because Russians are working hard and “carrying Russia on their backs”; on the other hand, they’ve been corrupted by Western culture. In the 1990s, Russian women became followers of the demoness Lilith.
  • Another factor behind the decline of Russia’s birth rate has been a shortage of men. This shortage came not from the Russian government sending hundreds of thousands of men to war but from a program of the U.S. government and the “collective West” to destroy Russians.
  • Another figure wishing for the destruction of the Russian people is sitting Russian Senator Lyudmila Narusova. As evidence, the paper’s authors cite a fabricated screenshot in which Narusova appears to have written “Russians aren’t worthy of life because they’re cowards.”
  • The article’s authors write that the “collective West’s” hatred for Russians is beyond science’s ability to explain, so they turned to the Bible. This brought them to the conclusion that the earth contains two different kinds of people: “Earthly people,” who were created in the image of God, and “beast people” or “non-humans,” who are very similar to ordinary people but who were actually created “from the dust of the earth using cosmic genetic technologies.”
  • “Beast people” are “genetically modified beings” with “biological artifical intelligence” who value war, murder, terror, pedophilia, revolutions, cannibalism, and drug addiction. “Earthly people,” on the other hand, value peace, family, children, and the “cult of the mother-woman.”
  • The researchers then delve into “evidence” of the existence of extraterrestrials living among humans and their involvement in “secret structures” that seek to influence the behavior of the earth’s population. Currently, these aliens are working to transfer power on Earth to “members of the reptilian space civilization,” a process that will require eliminating Russians and morally destroying women. The aliens’ “secret council” has made human men their allies by instilling lust in them.
Russia’s search for internal enemies

‘Like something from the Middle Ages’ Russia may stop short of a total ban, but its anti-abortion turn has just begun

Russia’s search for internal enemies

‘Like something from the Middle Ages’ Russia may stop short of a total ban, but its anti-abortion turn has just begun

  • In the 1990s, travel agencies and beauty salons sold Russian women into sexual slavery in other countries. “Russia remained silent,” the researchers note.
  • The idea of gender equality, or feminism, is a tool used by Western Europe to destroy families by separating women from them. “The first feminist was the demoness Lilith,” the authors write. Involving women in science and work is a way to discourage their desire to “give birth and nurture children.”
  • The article repeats the pseudoscientific theory of telegony, which holds that women retain the “genetic material” of all of their past sexual partners.
  • Sexual education and the promotion of safe sexual practices leads to debauchery and sexual perversion, according to the article’s authors. Premarital sex, they write, destroys women.
  • “Liberalism is the transformation of a person into an animal that’s focused solely on satisfying its basic instincts, the most desired of which is sex.”
  • The various forms of hybrid warfare being deployed against Russians include prostitution and abortion. Stripping is a form of Satanism.
  • Oral sex is the offspring of democracy. Fortunately, God protected Russians from this scourge by creating a throat cancer virus that is transmitted specifically during oral sex.
  • Being raised by single mothers “ruins” children. Girls who witness their mother go through multiple partners enter their “marriageable age” as “ready-made sluts.”
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Summary by Bumaga. Translation by Sam Breazeale.

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