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Talk to a person from another country and with different views This is The World Talks, a global experiment by ZEIT Online

Source: Meduza

The German publication ZEIT Online has launched a program called The World Talks, aimed at facilitating dialogue between thousands of people around the world, creating “a space for worldwide debate that brings people together who would never otherwise meet.”

The program works as follows: participants respond to a series of diverse questions, such as “Is the world a better place now than 20 years ago?” and “Should climate change always take priority?” After registration, an algorithm pairs people based on two principles: that they think differently about the questions, and that they live as far away from each other as possible. All of the conversations will take place online in English on June 25, 2023.

Meduza is partnering with ZEIT Online to help implement The World Talks. In total, organizations from 15 countries, including Great Britain, Mexico, India, Thailand, and Ukraine, are participating in the program.

You can answer the questions and start registration for The World Talks right here on this page, or on the website

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