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How to wire a donation to Meduza: step-by-step instructions

Source: Meduza

In order to transfer money to Meduza from nearly anywhere on Earth, you need to know just four things:

  • The exact name of our organization: MEDUSA PROJECT SIA;
  • Our mailing address: Stabu 49-6, Riga, Latvia, LV-1011;
  • Our bank account number: LV15HABA0551052430575; and
  • Our bank’s SWIFT code: HABALV22 (when entering this code, some online banks might ask if you want to transfer your money to “Swedbank” or “AS Hansabanka” in Latvia, and you will need to consent).

For online banking accounts in the United States, you will need to add an international business account to the list of accounts you can use for transferring money. 

If your bank account exists in the European Union, you can make a SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) transfer, without even using our bank’s SWIFT code.

It’s easy to make these transfers, but don’t forget these basics:

  • To avoid wire transfer fees, make your donation in euros (the funds will be converted to euros at an exchange rate applied by Meduza’s bank);
  • Remember that you’re transferring money to a business, not an individual;
  • When making a transfer, be sure to indicate that that purpose is a charity donation, otherwise, the payment could be rejected;
  • No single donation should exceed $5,000 (currently about 4,100 euros), otherwise, your bank might reject the transfer and demand additional documentation about the origin of the funds, the recipient of the money, and your relationship to the recipient;
  • If you are asked to enter information for an intermediary bank, select “no intermediary”; and
  • When sending money to Meduza in euros, you should encounter zero or only very small fees.
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