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Save Meduza Our continued existence now depends on you

Source: Meduza
Sultan Suleimanov / Meduza

The Russian authorities are trying to kill Meduza. The Justice Ministry has labeled us a “foreign agent,” chasing away our advertisers. This means we will run out of money. We are already running out of money.

Let’s cut to the chase: You can help sustain Meduza right here.

We’ve always believed that we could build a media outlet that served the public at no charge, relying on ad revenue. This kind of work is especially crucial in a country where the demand for honest information is so enormous and the supply of independent journalism is so critically low.

We achieved exactly what we hoped to do. It took us six years, and the Russian authorities crushed our business in a single day.

To adapt to these new circumstances, we have slashed our budget. Meduza no longer has a physical office — not in Riga or in Moscow. We’ve essentially stopped working with freelance writers. We also introduced pay cuts ranging from 30 to 50 percent.

Even like this, however, Meduza won’t last long.

Our continued existence now depends on you. This is the first time we’ve asked you, our readers, for help. Please help us save Meduza.

We can’t survive without you.

Set up your payments here.

You can sign up for one-time or recurring contributions to Meduza. Please tell your colleagues, friends, and subscribers that they can help keep independent journalism alive in Russia with a donation of any size. Spreading the word helps, too. Thank you!

Fighting to keep you informed,

the Meduza newsroom

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