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Video of Kyiv skateboarder goes viral after shout-out from Tony Hawk

Source: Meduza

After Kyiv skateboarder Svetlana Yurchenko did her first kickflip, she let out a joyful scream. The video of her celebrations went viral, quickly making its way across skateboarding-themed accounts on Instagram. It was even shared by legendary American skateboarder Tony Hawk. 

Hawk wrote that because of quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people are pursuing new hobbies and interests, including skateboarding. And there’s nothing quite like the excitement of landing a new trick. The famous skateboarder tagged Svetlana Yurchenko in the post to his 5.8 million subscribers, telling her, “Keep trying, it’s worth the effort.” 

In a reply to the same post on Twitter, a user shared another video featuring Svetlana Yurchenko’s reaction when she finds out that she got a shout-out from Tony Hawk. As you can see in the post below, she seemed completely shocked.

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