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‘Free Gadzhiev!’ Dozens of Russian journalists demand release of Dagestani reporter jailed on terrorism charges

Source: Meduza

Dozens of prominent independent journalists in Russia have recorded themselves speaking out in defense of Abuldumin Gadzhiev, the editor now charged with terrorism.

Свободу журналисту Абдулмумину Гаджиеву!
Ilya Azar

Among others, videos have come from Meduza investigative correspondent Ivan Golunov and editor-in-chief Ivan Kolpakov, Novaya Gazeta special correspondent Ilya Azar, Ekho Moskvy journalist Tatiana Felgenhauer, Mediazona editor-in-chief Sergey Smirnov, and journalists Oleg Kashin and Maxim Shevchenko. “While our views don’t always align with Gadzhiev’s views, we are confident that journalists should not be held in pretrial detention and prosecuted for their professional activity or for their speech,” says the video in Gadzhiev’s defense.

To raise awareness about Gadzhiev’s case, journalists and others plan to line up for solitary pickets on Wednesday, January 29, from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. outside the Dagestani Republic’s government building in Moscow (at Pokrovka St., 28, Stroenie 4).

Abuldumin Gadzhiev was arrested on June 14, 2019, on charges of financing terrorism and participating in a terrorist organization. There are reportedly another 10 suspects in the case, and at least one has said he was tortured into signing a confession. Gadzhiev maintains his innocence.

Photo on front page: Kavkaz.Realii / YouTube

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