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‘Saving Ivan Golunov’ A new documentary film shows the Ivan Golunov case through the eyes of those at its epicenter

Source: Meduza
Warning: This film contains adult language.
Saving Ivan Golunov: A documentary film by “Meduza” and “Black Flag” (English subtitles)

With his arrest in early June 2019, investigative journalist Ivan Golunov became a symbol in Russia of resistance to police misconduct. His case was perhaps the first time in the country’s modern history that civil society forced the law-enforcement system to retreat. Over the five difficult days it took to free Ivan, no one was closer to him, his family, and Meduza’s editorial staff than documentary filmmaker Sergey Erzhenkov and the camera crew who assisted him. In this new film from the “Black Flag,” we bring you the Golunov case through the eyes of those who were at the epicenter of these events.

Meduza and Black Flag studio thank the television network Dozhd and personally Natalia Sindeeva and Alexandra Perepelova for their assistance in making this film possible.

Photo on front page: Evgeny Feldman for Meduza

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