“Read my lips: No!” Putin said that he would quote Reagan, but quoted Bush senior instead.

10:10, 31 march 2017
Путин: «Читайте по губам: НОУ»

“The Arctic: Territory of dialogue” International Arctic Forum took place in Arkhangelsk, Russia on March 30, 2017. At the event, in response to a question by CNBC co-anchor Geoff Cutmore on whether Russia had even tried to interfere in United States elections, Vladimir Putin said he would quote Ronald Reagan. Here is what Putin said:

- Once Reagan, addressing the American people on the issue of taxes, said: “Read my lips: No!”

In reality, this phrase was not spoken by Reagan. Instead, it was spoken during the 1988 pre-election campaign of then presidential candidate George HW Bush. Though Bush won the election, he could not keep his promise – the Democratic majority Congress succeed in introducing new taxes in 1990. Bush’s statement grew to become one of the most famous statements in political history and a symbol of unfulfilled political promises.