The enemies of Ramzan Kadyrov in one paragraph (Oh, wait … it doesn’t fit into one paragraph)

14:02, 29 november 2016

Photo: Musa Sadulaev / AP / Scanpix / LETA

Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Republic of Chechnya, gave an interview to news agency TASS. The keyword in this interview was enemy, or, more specifically, its root, which appeared more than 20 times in the text in its various derivatives. Meduza briefly recounts whom Kadyrov considers his enemies.

In regards to Russia's enemies: terrorists, extremists, etc. should be afraid of me. They cannot be [negotiated with]! Behind bars or two meters under. This I say primarily to those who brought the war onto my land 20 years ago, murdered Chechen people, destroyed our cities and villages … And who might the other enemies be? My enemies are the enemies of Russia and Chechnya. I am referring to terrorists from 51 countries who came to Chechnya, to those traitors who wanted to destroy Russia as a sovereign state, to those devils in the country who dance to the tune of the West, [to] all of these Khodorkovskys, Berezovskys, and others. The Islamic State group is also an enemy. America and Europe dream to undermine our government through intermediate hands. Be their will granted, they would transform Russia into a continuous Aleppo. Today, they are our enemies. And so they are my own, [as well], as a citizen.

I have no personal enemies! I am the most peaceful person on earth. I helped the weak [and] in need of protection, both in the classroom and on the street. But it never came to outright hated with anybody. Yes, I have had blood enemies, they killed the true sons of the Chechen people, the children of Russia ─ my friends, my father, the first President of the Chechen Republic and Hero of Russia Akhmat-Hadji Kadyrov, a politician, a world famous religious figure ...

The non-systemic opposition is not composed of enemies, but of mere talkers. They wanted to scare Vladimir Putin by telling him not to run for another presidential term, because the people were against him ... But it turned out to be the exact opposite. Vladimir Vladimirovich knew the huge, multi-national and multi-faith Russia was with him. He did not give the enemies a chance to destroy the country. There is no one left to fund Pussy Riot, to feed grants to different movements like that which drew obscenities on Liteny Bridge in St. Petersburg. For me, all these pussies are enemies of Russia.

Nemtsov was never my personal enemy or friend. Our paths did not intersect. He made himself an enemy of Russia ─ my country. But today’s Russia needed such an enemy: there was no substance behind Nemtsov, he [offered] nothing but words.

One must not betray the Fatherland for money. We know what embassies [the critics] run to – to those who declare sanctions against Russia, those who want to strangle us economically, those who want all of us to die of hunger. In your opinion, are these not the enemies? They are trying in vain. We cannot be frightened. You can write that down.