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like it or not

LSDUZ Chaika and IFYAU9 Chaika The sons of Russia's attorney general were renamed to random numbers and letters. And it's stupid funny.

Source: Meduza

Earlier this week, anti-corruption activist Alexey Navalny published evidence that Russia's Federal Service for State Registration (“Rosreestr”) modified real-estate records to disguise the identities of owners of a string of luxury properties throughout the country. In at least a dozen cases, the names of Russian Attorney General Yuri Chaika's two sons, Artem and Igor, have been replaced with a combination of letter and numbers: “LSDUZ” (ЛСДУ3) and “IFYAU9” (ЙФЯУ9), respectively. The documents look ridiculous, but they're real. Even more amusing are the jokes this news has inspired on Twitter. Meduza highlights a few of the best comments (that aren't totally lost in translation from Russian).

Photo on front page: Kaluga oblast governor's press office / Dmitry Korotaev / Kommersant