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‘Enemies of the people, traitors, and lackeys’ A short guide to Ramzan Kadyrov's assorted public pronouncements

Source: Meduza
Photo: Sasha Mordovets / Getty Images

Ramzan Kadyrov, the ruler of Chechnya (which still exists, at least nominally, in the Russian Federation), is a great lover of Instagram. Also at his disposal are federal media and official state channels, where, like on social media, Kadyrov enjoys trashing Russia's anti-Kremlin protest movement on an almost daily basis. According to his many proclamations, Russia's enemies aren't just at the gates, but have already entered the castle and are conspiring with enemies beyond. The liberal opposition, human rights activists, the independent media—all “not interested in a prosperous and strong Russia,” Kadyrov says. He's said a lot of other things, too. Meduza offers the following short guide to the Chechen ruler's frightening depiction of these dastardly villains who seek to undermine the Nation That Rose From Its Knees.

Who are these rogues?

  • The “non-systemic opposition” (Russia's protesters—mainly the Western-leaning liberals and human-rights “obsessed” folks)
  • Émigrés
  • The radio station Echo of Moscow, the independent TV channel Dozhd, and the news agency RBC

By what names go they?

  • Enemies of the people
  • Traitors
  • Western lackeys
  • A pack of jackals
  • Jackals who dream of the destruction of our state
  • Stinking hounds
  • A bunch of vile liberals
  • Champions for injustice
  • Morally-fallen people
  • A rabble of halfwits

What are their crimes?

  • Trying to undermine the situation
  • Trying to cash in on the difficult economic situation
  • Bending over backwards to gain notoriety
  • Playing a game invented by Western intelligence agencies
  • Dancing to the tune of Western intelligence agencies
  • Receiving handouts from Western governments, and slinging mud at and slandering our country
  • Broadcasting false, hypocritical statements saturated with a deep hatred of Russia
  • Claiming to be the conscience of the nation
  • Gathering around them the haters of all things Russian
  • Reflecting the West
  • Protecting the rights of a very narrow circle of people
  • Criticizing everything and everyone without reason
  • Using foul language
  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Selling their ​​souls to Western devils
  • Wagging their tongues for handouts from the West

And what awaits them??

  • Prosecution to full extent of the law!
  • Double-dose injections at a psychiatric hospital in Braguny village (in Chechnya)
  • A “VIP room” at one of Chechnya's psychiatric hospitals 
  • Being awarded a patient's ward and experienced doctors
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