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Memories of Russia

32 minutes

In a special holiday departure from The Naked Pravda’s usual coverage of Russian politics and news, Meduza in English’s social media editor Ned Garvey and senior news editor Sam Breazeale chat about their personal experiences living in Russia, what they found surprising there as Americans, and what still stands out today in their memories of the country.

Timestamps for this episode:

  • (8:52) Encounters with seedy characters and police
  • (12:58) Travels around the country
  • (15:01) Surprises in daily life
  • (18:00) Holiday memories
  • (23:06) Friendships in Russia
  • (26:45) Stereotypes: fact vs. fiction

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Hosted by Sam Breazeale and Ned Garvey. Sound editing by Kevin Rothrock.

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