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The Real Russia. Today. Taking the initiative on QR-code vaccine passports

Source: Meduza

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

  • In limbo in Belarus, migrants cling to hopes that EU countries will open their borders
  • International: CIT researchers confirm Russian troop buildup but not ‘unprecedented’ reservist mobilization, and U.S. adds Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology to military end-user list
  • Opinion: Fyodor Lukyanov advocates ‘Finlandization’ of Ukraine
  • Corruption: Moscow police chief arrested for smuggling Indians into U.S. through Mexico, and Agentstvo investigative report says Gazprom and other state corporations foot bill for most Russian Premier League soccer teams
  • While Russia’s State Duma and Cabinet drag their feet over vaccine passport prerequisites, regional authorities test drive similar measures
  • The pandemic: Sputnik M to roll out for teens, Instagram slaps a fake-news warning on a Russian actress, and an open letter from hospitals to Russia’s vaccine-mandate opponents
  • Law and order: Navalny files new lawsuit from prison, another former Navalny activist flees Russia, Furgal gets new charges, and blogger Kemerovo is fined for calling cops ‘bums’
  • Mass media: Readovka slams iStories and Novaya Gazeta for investigation into reporting on migrants and crime


🛂 Refugees in Belarus: ‘I didn’t have a life in Iraq’ (6-min read)

The migration crisis on the border of Belarus and the European Union has been going on for months. Thousands of asylum seekers from Middle Eastern and African countries remain stranded in the Eastern European country. Some of them have made several unsuccessful attempts to cross the border into the EU. Seeing no other way out, many have already given up hope and decided to return to their home countries. Reporting from Minsk, Meduza asks migrants stuck in limbo what made them leave their homelands, why they want to get to the European Union, and what they plan to do next.

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The pandemic

🛂 Vaccine passports: ‘Without waiting for federal orders’ (6-min read)

When the Russian Cabinet put forward draft legislation on introducing QR-code vaccine passport prerequisites at the federal level, many expected the State Duma to push the bills through swiftly. Instead, a decision was made to shunt the legislation to the regions for feedback, ahead of parliamentary committees reviewing the documents in mid-December. Russia’s Udmurt Republic, Primorsky Krai, and Ryazan Region have already announced their support for the bills, which would require QR codes for access to many public places and certain modes of transportation. However, the draft legislation isn’t scheduled to go to the floor of the State Duma in December. As Meduza previously reported, the Cabinet and the Kremlin have yet to decide on the fate of the bills. In the meantime, the vast majority of Russia’s regions are already test driving their own versions of the proposed QR-code system. 

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