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Ministry of Culture: figures who ‘disavow’ Russia will ‘completely logically’ disappear from posters

Source: Interfax

The Russian Ministry of Culture announced that names of figures who have “disavowed Russia” in today’s “complex time” will “absolutely logically” disappear from cultural institutions’ posters.

This, according to the ministry, is by request of Russian society:

Those cultural figures who, in this complex time, left the country, disavowed Russia, publicly turned out against its rich culture are, absolutely logically, leaving our institutions, and their posters, one after another.

The Ministry of Culture receives a large number of appeals from citizens who are outraged by the presence of such figures in informational and advertising materials from state institutions. The request comes above all from society, and we should not and cannot ignore it.

On October 21, writer Boris Akunin reported that his name had been taken off theater posters. He said that it happened at the Russian Academic Youth Theater, in Moscow, where four productions based on his plays are running, and at the Alexandrinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, where one such play is running. Akunin’s post suggests that the theaters removed his name on directions from the Ministry of Culture.

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