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Russian telecoms operators start blocking Google Docs after Navalny’s team uses it to publish ‘Smart Vote’ endorsements

Source: GlobalCheck

Данное сообщение (материал) создано и (или) распространено иностранным средством массовой информации, выполняющим функции иностранного агента, и (или) российским юридическим лицом, выполняющим функции иностранного агента. Что это за сообщение и почему оно повсюду на «Медузе»?

Telecommunications operators in Russia started blocking Google Docs late in the evening on September 15, the GlobalCheck project reported.

According to GlobalCheck, which monitors Russia’s Internet blocking system, the site docs.google.com is being blocked by the telecommunications operators MTS, MegaFon, and Rostelecom. The Internet watchdog Roskomsvoboda reports that Tele2 users are also experiencing disruptions.

“The block is probably related to the publication of the ‘Smart Vote’ lists on Google Docs resource,” GlobalCheck surmised. 

Alexey Navalny’s team published its “Smart Vote” candidate endorsements for this weekend’s State Duma elections on the morning of September 15. Voting is set to take place over the course of three days, beginning on September 17. 


Russia’s federal censor recently blocked the “Smart Vote” website in Russia, as well as the “Navalny” mobile application, which includes a “Smart Vote” function. 

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