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The Russian version of Disney's ‘Dream Big, Princess’ ad campaign is missing girl-politicians and girl-astronauts

Last month, Disney released an advertisement titled “Dream Big, Princess—Be A Champion,” encouraging girls to aspire in life to whatever they desire. In the video, girls and young women are featured performing martial arts, archery, gymnastics, dancing, swimming, and many other acts. 

A few weeks after the commercial hit the airwaves, however, Natalia Bespalova, a graduate student at Moscow' National Research University at the Higher School of Economics, noticed that the Russian-localized version of Disney's ad was missing a few scenes, including footage of girls as activists demanding peace on Earth, a girl as a politician giving an emotional speech, and a girl of color serving as an astronaut. 


Here's how the video looked originally:

And he's what was left in the Russian version:

Admittedly, these politically-tinged scenes of empowered young women weren't the only bits to disappear in the Russian version of the advertisement. Also missing is footage of girls on horses and bicycles. So maybe all these edits were made without any ulterior motive.

Here's the original video in its entirety:

Dream Big, Princess – Be A Champion | Disney


Incidentally, Marvel Studios, a subsidiary of Walt Disney, released a new trailer for the upcoming film “Captain America: Civil War” on Thursday, March 10. Russian Internet users quickly noticed another curious alteration to the Russian-localized trailer. (The Russian military insignia on a soldier's arm is blacked out.)

The original trailer for the new Captain America movie versus the Russian-language trailer. What? And why?