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like it or not

Local officials in Novokuznetsk have created the ultimate 400th anniversary video

Source: Meduza

The city of Novokuznetsk is turning 400, and what better way to celebrate that occasion than a music video featuring local government officials poorly edited into random footage from Star Wars, right? When the city’s deputy head, Nikolai Maslov, asked himself this question, he apparently looked to the sky and screamed “Yes!” which is why we now have a video showing him and his colleagues piloting TIE Fighters, punching Darth Sidious, and taking selfies with Chewbacca. Some of people are also wearing astronaut suits, for some reason. And then the music kicks in, with folks playing imaginary musical instruments (including a drum set without drumsticks).

Maslov shared the video on Instagram, where he wrote that Novokuznetsk is like “a starship” traveling “its own path in the endless cosmic space, defeating adversities, cataclysms, and an ecological crisis.” The city’s state officials, he says, are like “astronauts” and an “intergalactic team.”

Novokuznetsk will celebrate the 400th anniversary of its founding in early July. By all accounts, it looks like it should be a good party.