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Russian election officials make a small mistake — 1.25 million times

14:07, 13 march 2018

Election officials are kicking themselves in Belgorod after printing 1.25 million invitations to Sunday’s presidential election — all featuring thewrong URL for the local election commission’s website.

The letters mailed to voters say the commission’s website is “,” when it’s actually “” On March 13, shortly after the public realized the mistake, someone registered the domain “,” and set it to redirect to the website of opposition Alexey Navalny, who calls on Russians to boycott Sunday’s election. Admittedly, only “” (not “”) redirects to Navalny’s site.

A copy of the letter that went out to voters in Belgorod.

The deputy chairman of Belgorod’s election commission told reporters that the invitations show “the abbreviated name” of their website, insisting that the mistake won’t affect turnout.

Photo on front page: Kirill Kukhmar / TASS / Scanpix / LETA