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After a failed appeal to Putin, Russian conservationists write a message to God (and you can read it from outer space)


The authors of the Telegram channel “Durov’s Code” have discovered that someone carved an enormous message into a field outside the village of Rozhdestveno in Moscow’s Mitino district. The message says, “Lord, help Russia,” and it’s visible from outer space. In satellite images available one Google and Yandex, the spot is identified as a tourist attraction.

Google Earth
Google Earth

According to the website WikiMapia, the message appeared in the spring of 2016. It was created by local activists protesting against the construction of homes in the nearby Shodnya River valley.

In 2014, an activist named Andrey from the “Save the Shodnya River Valley” movement dug a message into another field near the village of Rozhdestveno that said, “Putin, help the Shodnya.” The message didn’t appear on Google Maps until 2015. The activist kept returning to the site to maintain the letters, so it remained visible from space. The appeal to Putin didn’t pay off, however, and in 2016 a construction company got to work at the site.