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like it or not

Did ‘Sputnik’ really tweet that? Test your ability to distingish parody and propaganda

Earlier this month, the international multimedia news service "Sputnik" celebrated the first anniversary of its launch. Entirely owned and operated by the Russian government, Sputnik has been described in the West as the "BuzzFeed of propaganda." Inheriting the Twitter audience of its predecessor, RIA Novosti, Sputnik had a sizable following from the moment it emerged. In July 2015, its notoriety spawned a parody account. Online today, it's not rare to see people mistaking @Sputnik_Intl's satirical tweets for @SputnikInt's news posts. We at Meduza have collected a mix of tweets from both accounts, purged the screenshots of spoilers, and now challenge you to tell them apart.

Tune in and help Meduza!