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Russia's Health Ministry says the National Guard has crippled the delivery of painkillers


Russia’s Health Ministry says the National Guard has royally screwed up the delivery of narcotic painkillers in several regions across the country by forbidding the federal state unitary enterprise “Spetssvyaz” from carrying weapons and transporting medicines.

In November, the National Guard cracked down on Spetssvyaz, arguing that it doesn’t have a license to perform security work. As a federal state unitary enterprise, however, Spetssvyaz can’t get one of these licenses. To resume the delivery of painkillers, Spetssvyaz has had to subcontract various security agencies, making costs six times higher.

The Health Ministry says Spetssvyaz should be allowed to transport the drugs without a security work license, but it’s unclear how they’re supposed to guard the supplies without firearms. What does Russia’s National Guard have to say about this issue? Nothing, so far.