Draft legislation would require Russian draftees to report for conscription even if they're never summoned

13:32, 12 january 2018

The State Duma will consider legislation that would shift responsibility for reporting to be conscripted to individual draftees, even when the military fails to deliver a conscription summons by the time an individual is expected to come in.

The new law would allow the government to deliver draft summons through the postal service, and the military would consider conscripts to be notified as soon as someone signed for the parcel. Additionally, a draftee would be held responsible for appearing before his deadline, even when his conscription summons arrives late. The legislation doesn’t specify how men are supposed to know when they’re required to report for conscription without getting a summons.

The federal government endorsed the legislation, while simultaneously noting that clauses in the bill contradict existing laws on military service.

The maximum penalty for evading the draft in Russia is two years in prison. In the first six months of 2017, more than 300 men were convicted of draft evasion. They were all let off with fines.