Lawmakers are feeling a bit bolder with Russia's much-hated highway toll system

11:48, 20 october 2017

The Russian government has introduced a draft law to the State Duma that would quadruple fines on truck drivers who fail to pay fees imposed by the controversial “Platon” highway toll system, which has provoked widespread protests by drivers.

If adopted, the legislation would raise nonpayment fines to 20,000 rubles ($350). The law’s explanatory note says the hike is meant to stimulate compliance with the Platon system, not generate more revenue.

  • The Platon system, which imposes tolls on vehicles heavier than 12 tons (13.2 U.S. tons), was introduced in November 2015. Initially, the government planned to fine drivers up to 50,000 rubles (and delivery companies up to 1 million rubles) for failing to pay the tolls.