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Prosecutor's office gets complaints about theatrical performance with 'lesbian scenes'

The prosecutor's office received several complaints about the play The Blue Room playing at the theatre Teatre-Teatre in Perm. The applicants complained that the performance includes "lesbian scenes" against the backdrop of the Virgin Mary. According to news agency Interfax, the complaints came in early October.

The prosecutor's office forwarded the case to the police and the Ministry of Culture. The theater's administration has confirmed that it was contacted by police and provided photographs and video recordings of the production.

According to the news source, "extremism is unlikely to be found [in the play], but there may be an unpleasant continuation [of this story due to its] offensiveness [to] theists." The publication also reported that an investigation has been launched against theater directer Boris Milgram, who has been suspected of earning higher wages than those stipulated by law.

David Hare's The Blue Room premiered at the Perm theater in early October 2015. The play was written in 1998 and is an adaptation of the play Der Reigen by Arthur Schnitzler. In the summer of 2016, Der Reigen was banned from being played at a theatre in Omsk.

In the summer of 2016, Teatre-Teatre director Boris Milgram was dismissed from his post. However, he regained his post after his dismissal was criticized by members of the artistic community.