Ukrainian Parliament Deputy promises to begin impeachment of President Petro Poroshenko

11:52, 4 april 2016

Ukrainian Parliament Deputy and leader of the “Radical Party” Oleg Lyashko says he is starting the impeachment process to remove President Petro Poroshenko from power. The Deputy made the announcement on his Facebook page.

Deputy Lyashko is also calling for the creation of a parliamentary “special investigative committee to examine facts related to offshore companies belonging to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.”

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine says it will not conduct an investigation into President Poroshenko's offshore assets, which were revealed in the Panama Papers. The Bureau says it does not have the legal ability to conduct a pre-trial investigation into an acting Ukrainian head of state.

Documents from the Panama Papers, which were published on April 3, reveal that President Poroshenko has several offshore companies registered in his name. The President neglected to inform Ukrainian tax authorities of one of the companies, Prime Asset Partners Limited.

Investigative journalists allege that Poroshenko set up some of the offshore entities to avoid paying Ukrainian taxes on the sale of his company, Roshen. The journalists also claim that the President still has control over Roshen. President Poroshenko had promised during his election campaign that he would create a “blind trust” to separate himself from Roshen. This step, he had said, would prevent him from unfairly granting benefits to his own company during his presidency.