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Moscow is the world’s least friendly city, says international poll

In an annual ranking drawn up by the magazine Travel + Leisure, Moscow placed number one among the world’s least friendly cities for tourists.

The list of 30 cities is based on the results of a survey conducted among nearly 200,000 people across the world. Those polled complained that Moscow does not have many good restaurants and has problems with its public transportation system. Muscovites were described as particularly unhelpful to those around them.

Atlantic City, in New Jersey, came in second on the list, and the Russian city of St. Petersburg placed third. 

Of course, we’ve all had an unfriendly encounter with a local, or caught a city that’s just woken up on the wrong side of the bed. We know these cities, at their best, can all be inviting, vibrant, and dynamic destinations.

Travel + Leisure

The French cities of Marseille and Cannes, as well as US cities Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Las Vegas, are also among the the top 10 least friendly cities.

A ranking drawn up by The Economist earlier this month listed Moscow and St. Petersburg among the world’s top 100 most “liveable” cities.

In January 2015, Moscow and St. Petersburg ranked among the top 100 most visited cities worldwide.

This year, Moscow dropped from 9th place to 50th place among the most expensive cities in the world, as a result of the depreciating ruble.