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‘Creeps must be punished’ Journalist Anna Zhavnerovich goes public about how her ex brutally beat her


On December 26, 2014, Anna Zhavnerovich’s ex-boyfriend attacked and beat her. When she went to the police to file a report against the man, officers refused to open a criminal case. Zhavnerovich, a journalist at, then wrote about her story.

Zhavnerovich says her partner attacked her the morning after they decided to break up, hitting her in the head about 20 times with his fists. Doctors say she suffered moderate brain damage and multiple bruises.

At first, police filed Zhavnerovich’s complaint, even telling her that “creeps must be punished.” But nothing ever came of it. On January 7, Zhavnerovich was notified officially that a decision had been made not to open a criminal case. The first page of the police report (the only thing available on the police department’s website) doesn’t explain why the authorities declined to investigate the brutal beating. Zhavnerovich says she plans to appeal the decision.

Zhavnerovich also promises to write more about her story, in future pieces for

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I awake to the sound of my own name. Sitting on top of me is my boyfriend, pinning down my arms and legs, so I can’t move. He starts to beat me, hitting me in the head and the face. He’s screaming something about how my friends and I have a conspiracy against him. After two dozen or so blows, he lays off and says to me, “Now this is your true face, Annie.”